9ice Talking About Tony Payne

Abolore Akande aka 9ice gave some mind blowing revelations about his failed marriage in this exclusive interview with Saturday Vanguard
Lil Gossip there are some kind of indications that he may not have fallen out of love with ex-wife Toni Payne. Next time, you see her in his arms, remember love conquers all.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

Q::::Do you enjoy your single life?
A:::::I will not say so. But now I think, If I say I want to travel to Lokoja, I can easily go because my son,  Zion will not be crying on my neck, ‘daddy do not go’. Yes the freedom is there, but there are some elements that are missing in my life that I enjoyed as a married man.
Q:::::Like what?
A:::::Like waking up in the morning and my food is served and waiting on the table. Listening  to the cries of the baby is also a very joyous moment to me. Now I no longer have the baby to cuddle and hold on to, because he is not there. These are the things I miss in marriage.
Q::::Have you forgiven Toni?

A::::Most definitely, I can call her now. We are friends. If you want me to call her now, I will call her now.
Q:::::Will you give love another chance?
Q:::::With Toni?
A:::::No, it might not be with her but I will definitely give love a chance. And it might be with her as well, who knows?
Q::::::So love between you and her is not ruled out?
A::::::Yes.  It is not ruled out.
Q:::::What about marriage?
A:::::To give marriage a second chance, abi? Yes, I can remarry. Of-course, it is possible.
Q::::::You can remarry Toni?
A::::::It is possible. Anything is possible.

Love is all that matters it matters after all.


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