JEKASORO with Babeeboi

Clue and Babeeboi you’ll love to read it to the end he’s good and………
CLUE::It’s Babee boi again!that seems to be the signature right?
BABEEBOI:: Yessire,i feel like without ‎​that tone my songs are not complete
CLUE::Wow! Though the sound always do the song right,So who’s babeeboi,That’s not the real name am sure
BABEEBOI::Hmnnnnn!Okay babeeboi is ‎​that igala boy….from middle belt nigeria….Singer, song writter…..and music performer….
CLUE:: And ladies dream boy too
BABEEBOI:: You can say ‎​that lols
CLUE::The whole music thing started like when exactly for you,or was it like an accident
BABEEBOI::It started since i was little unofficially,it’s not an accident at all,it’s been in me
CLUE::But you know this will happen someday
BABEEBOI::I have ‎​this passion for sound, rhythm ,tone and music generally,i didn’t know i was gonna start writing my own stuffs and writing for people too,But then i had ‎​this gift of mimicking people. I could do virtually all the 70’s and 80’s songs.
CLUE::Wow! You’re more of the oldies then,do you dance when you listen to sounds because most of your songs are dance able
BABEEBOI::I grew up in a family ‎​that has a strong love for music,am a very happy person,so i love to dance a lot,funny enough i actually started as a dancer
CLUE::Modern dance?
BABEEBOI::Nah the old school kinda thing,just used to play around songs in the name of dance
CLUE::Tell me your first time on stage
BABEEBOI::My first big stage,I think it was Nuff Quest FUT 96 or so,it was great ‎​you know,i was a lil shaky though but i had fun….
CLUE::96?That’s a long time ago
BABEEBOI::Yessire iWas 15 then
CLUE:: You don’t look it guess that’s where the name originated from?
BABEEBOI:: Yessire
CLUE:: Has music ever helped you in any way?
BABEEBOI:: Yeah,I’ve met lots of people through music old,young and i’ve really made a living from music.
CLUE::Which will you rate as your first major success
BABEEBOI::Getting a record deal with Paul Play IK Dairo
CLUE::Wow! That was a real success. So what then happen to you guys
BABEEBOI:: School and Hustle,those are two things ‎​that never blends
CLUE:: KINDA BADGUYS that was a classic hit
BABEEBOI::Yeah that’s a song that has change my life for real
CLUE::Any gist about the song like how you came about the tune
BABEEBOI::It was a song i wrote out of what people think about me and musicians generally,If ‎​you listen to the hook of the song you’ll hear “na me be the kinda badt guys wey your mama warn ‎​you about”,you know, parents have ‎​these issue with skinny jeans and fly boi,I am a fly boi, musicians are fly bois,So for ‎​that reasons parents tag them irresponsible,Yeaaaaaa!! So ‎​they don’t want there daughters around us
CLUE::So in a general term now how will you describe Babeeboi as a brand and it’s fashion person
BABEEBOI::The brand babeeboi is ‎​ good music, good music and fashion….
CLUE::Your kinda outfit
BABEEBOI::I am very diverse,as long as it fits me,i wear all kinda stuff
CLUE::What kind of outfit do you think will never fade out of you no matter the new fashion trend
BABEEBOI::Shirts and Jean
CLUE::Your drive?What drives you to write a song
BABEEBOI::My environment,situations and people
CLUE:: For kinda bad guy what was the drive? and Replay and Jekasoro
BABEEBOI::Kinda bad guys..People,Replay..Ladies..Jekasoro..Ladies.​ You can’t do without them
CLUE::You now gat a tatoo
BABEEBOI:: Yeah on my left arm
CLUE:: Wow sure the ladies are going to like that
BABEEBOI::Yeah been getting alot of comments from them
CLUE::So are we expecting somthing from babee soon?
BABEEBOI::Yeah,real soon i’ll be dropping another single,Consistency is the key to stay up there mehn
CLUE::Any val surprise
CLUE::You rep anybody? Your label?
BABEEBOI::Yeah,I rep Konfirmed Entertainment.
CLUE:: Any final word?
BABEEBOI::Stay true,stay focus,be creative and stay inspired!! Yeaaaa and Ρraу alot


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