Buying The Perfect Skinny Jean

I have a few rules for everyone while looking for skinny jeans when you think you may not be stick thing (thus the perfect shape to put on a pair and walk out of the store) in these new classic staples.
1) Look for a good length (for what you’ll be wearing them with many skinny jeans will move up just below the ankle depending on what type of shoe you are wearing. While I was out today, I counted at least five teenage to college age girls wearing skinny jeans with flats, and everyone of them had the jeans up near their ankles. If you’re wearing the skinny jean with heels, then just make sure they look alright, I don’t have a hard and fast rule for this one. Boots, you want the skinny jean to be a bit shorter so you can wear some boot socks with them.
2) Make sure the thighs aren’t too tight. Skinny jeans are just like any other jean, they come in many combinations, stretch, lyrca, 100% cotton, etc. It just depends on what “fit” fits you.
3) Pick the right rise in your skinny jean
Just like any other jean, we don’t need to see your muffin top, your thong, or your VPL (Visible Panty Line). It’s always a struggle to find the perfect fit, and trying to find the perfect skinny jean is probably even harder because they’ll either be “ultra low-rise” or “ultra high rise.” Just keep on plugging away until you find the perfect rise. Try sitting in the jeans and trying to do what you usually would do in them to see if you have found the perfect rise.
4) Pick a good shirt to wear with them
You wear almost anything with a skinny jean, but please take a look in the mirror before you run out the door, if you feel like you are hanging out, if the shirt is too tight, if the shirt is to too long, you’re probably right.


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