Music Promotion Seminar For Up & Coming Artists

If you’re a part of the Nigerian music industry, not just an up & coming artiste, this seminar spearheaded by Cool FM’s 4Lah is definitely for you. It’s happening this saturday in Lagos. Please read the whole write-up below. iEndorse!


#Dearartiste started as random tweets to several upcoming Nigerian artistes who use twitter both as a social network and as a music promotional tool.
The desire to reach out and help came from coming across so many young people who have lofty dreams of becoming music superstars. Unfortunately, I observed that a lot of them fall under the pressure of trying to break into the industry and some get discouraged by the lack of acceptance and immediate success they hoped for, and so, let their dreams die.
Some in their desperation to be famous get involved in all sorts of shoddy arrangements without proper knowledge of how the industry works, and as a result, they get swindled and loose all faith.
I found an avenue to reach out to them via twitter, and with all glory to God, I believe I have been able to reach a few and still reaching more, through the #Dearartiste tweets.
The DEARARTISTE FORUM is me taking a step to ensure that more artistes are given the opportunity to learn first-hand from industry heads because no man is an island or a fountain of knowledge all by himself.
This forum will provide an avenue where these upcoming artistes will meet with ARTISTE MANAGERS, PRODUCERS, LABEL OWNERS, DJS, RADIO PRESENTERS, PUBLICISTS and other industry stake-holders.
Talks will be given by these industry heads, there will be a question and answer session & successful artistes will share some of their personal experiences to inspire the new ones.


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