Lingerie For Val Her Best Gift

Lingerie is one of the best clothing gift this month as a valentine gifts to show how hot and romantic you are to your spouse.

Here are Tips on how to get the best Lingerie just as she’ll like it

Knowing your girl’s size is the most important step. Think about it, there is no way you can buy the wrong size and have it turn out okay. Too large and she’ll be wondering if you think she’s really that big. Too small, and she’ll think you’re hinting that she needs to lose a few. Fortunately, this is also the easiest step of all. Just take a look inside her lingerie drawer. If you don’t have access to her lingerie drawer, then you can try checking the size while she’s in the shower or some such. If all else fails check the tags out of her bras and panties or you can just ask her. I promise she’ll love the anticipation.

Now that you’ve discovered her size, you can move on to determining her style. The best time to do this is while you’re checking her lingerie drawer. There are three things you want to take note of, the cut, fabric, and colour. When it comes to cut, notice if her bras are full cup, half cup, or camisole style. Take note if she wears briefs or thongs. As far as fabric, do you see a lot of cotton or silk or lace? While examining colour, is it mostly black or pastels or jewel tones? These are important cues. What you should always remember is the lingerie gift is for both of you, you can just have it at the back of your mind that “I want to buy something I’ll enjoy seeing her in.

You’ve picked out a couple of items that you like and that look similar to what she already wears. Now it’s time to take a look at the price tag yeah! You might be shocked at the price, lingerie is probably kinda expensive and here’s why you’re not just paying for the materials, you’re also paying for the labour. Obviously, no one wants to wear rough fabric against their delicate bits all day,But you’re also paying for what basically amounts to architecture for the human body. Lingerie both conceals and supports. For that reason, you gents who are blessed with curvy gurls should be prepared to spend slightly more. It’s worth it trust.


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