Chilzeal In The Picture.

Chinonso [Chilzeal]

Chinonso [Chilzeal]

Chilling in Sofa Lounge with a star in the making Chinonso “Chilzeal”

Chilzeal:: Am Chinonso Izuka a graduate of FUT Minna and am presently awaiting youth service.

You Do Music Right?

Chilzeal:: Yeah i do music. I like to do R’n’B, inspirational kind of music, a kind of music you’ll listen to and actually have something to hold on to even when you’re feeling down.

Ok Define Chinonso “Chilzeal”

Chilzeal:: Am a cool girl,though sometimes i have a little hot head but i believe am approachable,fun to be with jovial and ok.

Your First Single?

Chilzeal:: Ehmmm have actually done some tracks, kind of a play and on a low key not really something serious for now.

So Are We Expecting Something From You?

Chilzeal:: Yeah most definitely,but can’t tell you how soon that’s going to be.

Tell Me About Your Fashion Sense.

Chilzeal:: Am wearing a high wit pant,a singlet and my boy friend’s jacket.

How Many Hours Did You Spending Dressing Up Tonight?

Chilzeal:: It did not take me long to hook all this up actually my boyfriend gave me a helping hand though.

5 Things You Can’t Do Without In A Day

Chilzeal:: First-My Music my ear piece and my phone can’t just do without it even when am at work because temporarily am working at the bank and we are not allow to use phone in the bank i still sneak my earpiece in.
Secondly- Can’t do without talking to God getting inspiration from him.
Thirdly- My Rhapsody of Realities
Fourthly- Can’t do without the mirror. Hmmm am choking with what i can’t do without now let’s just take that four for now *Smiles* Thank you.


Gringory Is Dead

Nollywood was thrown into dark yesterday, February 27, 2012 when The Masquerade creator, James Iroha was confirmed dead.
The veteran actor, who recently cried of being neglected by friends and colleagues, was confirmed dead by his son.
Confirming this news was the National PRO of Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN), who said the guild has lost another rare talent in the industry.
He was aged 70 before his death.

Kim Kardashian In The News Again

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

For her latest picture post, Kim Kardashian has taken off way more than her fake mustache.
On the heels of shots she put up over the weekend of her and siblings Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing with faux facial hair, the E! reality star is now sharing with fans this photo she snapped of herself looking all fresh-faced and very casually dressed.
“Sweatpants hair tie chilling with no make up on!” tweeted Kim, an obvious reference to Drake’s tune “Best I Ever Had.”
Of course, this is a far cry from how Kim appeared on Sunday when she attended the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards viewing party.
A little less glamorous? Sure. But still gorgeous nevertheless.

Fashion Mistakes Women Make

What happens when fashion sense goes wrong? Know the five common fashion mistakes women make and avoid making them.
One fashion mistake and your whole look goes for a toss. You have to preserve your individuality while following the rules of fashion. Fashion is all about etching your personality and not aping fashion trends blindly. Avoid these five big fashion mistakes and be stylish yet yourself.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Bangles are integral part of the Indian culture as well as fashion. Most Indian women love wearing colourful bangles that will go well with their outfits. Some women wear their wrist watches along with a set of bangles. This is one of the biggest fashion mistakes. It is better not to wear your watch at all when you are wearing bangles. Bangles and a watch do not go together. If you have to wear your wrist watch, then wear your bangles on the other hand.
Flaunting too many hair accessories is another fashion mistake that most women make. It is not necessary to use rubber bands, hair claws, bobby pins, and headbands all at the same time. If you think that wearing too many hair accessories will give you a fabulous hairdo then you are wrong. One or at most two hair accessories at one time are enough to look attractive. Sometimes, going without any hair accessory while letting your hair down will also make you look elegant.

Sporting Heavy Make Up

Applying make up is also an art. Heavy make up can mess up all your efforts. Application of light eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss is enough for everyday make up. You can make use of lip colours, blush, shimmer, and eye-liner if it is some special occasion such as weddings, birthday bashes or evening parties.
Most women make mistakes while doing facial make up. They end up doing heavy make up which is not required. It is a myth that heavy make up will make you look beautiful. While putting on make up, give importance to one area at a time. If you want prominent eye make up then avoid using heavy lipstick shades. If you want alluring lips then end your eye make up with the application of mascara.

Wearing Obvious Lip Liner

Wearing lip liner shade that is too obvious and which does not sync with a shade of lipstick is the biggest fashion mistake. Do not spoil your look by choosing a wrong combination of lipstick shade and that of a lip liner. Make sure that the shade of your lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick colour. Blend the two with a lip brush and get absolutely kissable lips.

Wearing Heavy Jewellery

Exhibiting heavy jewellery without any occasion is definitely a fashion disaster. Many women accompany their ethnic look by wearing heavy chokers, necklaces, and earrings. Girls often wear heavy earrings with their t shirts. Ear studs are enough to add charm to your formal look. Though you can wear designer jewellery sets with your ethnic wear, minimal jewellery is the secret to look good. Avoid muddling up with heavy jewellery and you will be avoiding a huge error.

Wearing Too Many Colours

The use of colours while dressing talks a lot about your fashion sense. If you are wearing too many colours at a time, then you are making a mistake. Too many matching shades or too much contrast colours could make you look funny. Colours and fashion go hand in hand. Understand shades and hues to avoid being a fashion victim.

Fashion Tips to Enhance Fashion Sense.
Looking gorgeous is every woman’s dream and what she needs are clothing, accessories and make up. Here are a few tips to avoid some silly and common fashion mistakes.

-Do not wear chipped nails. Learn how to apply nail polish and flaunt beautiful nails.
-Choose clothes according to your skin complexion.
-Reset your wardrobe according to the changing fashion trends. Mix and match can be a smart way to go.
-Choose the right handbag to suit your attire.

Do not stop yourself from trying out a new fashion fearing that you will make a fashion mistake. Let the fashion bug bite you. It will not be difficult to avoid faux pas and stay away from miserable situations because now you know how to chant the fashion mantra.

I Present To You Weird Mc The Twin

Weird Mc

Weird Mc

I love showbiz you use everything within your reach to get attention. She did “Allen Avenue” way back then we never saw “Twin Weird” Ijo Ya rocked our world “Twin Weird” was on a lay low,Our almighty Weird Mc went on a lay low for awhile and now she’s back with some classy good tune rocking the air waves, then gbam!!!! “Twin Weird” Poped out of the blue. Hmmmmmm just thinking did she planned this? Or Maybe “Twin Weird” Feels her time is now? Abi Can She be a clone? Guess too much movies is affecting me now.
You don’t believe it, Yeah, we didn’t either.
Weird MC has never mentioned it before, but recently on twitter, she revealed she has a biological twin sister. We were shocked to our very core. I wonder if her twin sister also likes to do her things like a man.
I think we should rename her as The Remix Of Weird Mc herself what do you think? Let’s name her please.